Fresco Piada are passionate about bringing the taste of Italy to the US

If you love Italy then you will love Fresco Piada’s authentic piadina

Few things in life are more satisfying than being able to taste and enjoy the authentic dishes which embody the heritage of our favorite places.

At Fresco Piada, we’re passionate about bringing the true tastes of Italy to the US.

Baked in Italy using quality ingredients, Fresco Piada produces and imports authentic piadina for the American market. It’s our mission to help share this wonderful and healthy flatbread with as many of you as possible. We’re a passionate, independent brand who are excited to be introducing such a classic Italian bread to a new audience, and helping more people discover and enjoy piadina.

We source high quality ingredients for our piadina, which is passionately baked using traditional methods, ensuring the bread you try is the same authentic taste Italian’s get to enjoy every day.

As with other flatbreads, there is a wide range of exciting and healthy dishes you can make. And if you’re vegan, we have you covered too - you have to try our 100% vegan, all-natural, and GMO free version! 

If you’re looking to taste more of the world, or perhaps you’re from Italy and are looking to find a more authentic taste of back home, then you have to try our piadina. Follow our journey on Instagram and send us pictures of the wraps you make for a chance to be featured!

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