Supporting the Community: Donation to Table to Table

In the spirit of community and compassion, we recently had the opportunity to extend our support to those in need through a donation to Table to Table, New Jersey’s first food rescue organization. This initiative, rooted in our core values of giving and care, was a heartfelt contribution aimed at helping the community.

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Group of volunteers at the Father English Food Pantry, which is operated by Catholic Charities in Paterson


About Table to Table

For over two decades, Table to Table has been dedicated to reducing food waste and hunger. They pick up fresh, high-quality food that would otherwise be discarded and deliver it to various agencies like soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and senior facilities. Operating with efficiency and effectiveness, Table to Table has become a crucial part of feeding hungry neighbors throughout Northern New Jersey. 

Founded in 1999, Table to Table has since delivered enough food for over 288 million meals and prevented nearly 98,000 tons of food from ending up in landfills. Their diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging culture strengthens their mission, making a significant impact in the region.


This donation is a reflection of our belief in supporting the community. It shows that businesses should contribute to the well-being of society, not just focus on profits. We are proud to support Table to Table's mission of fighting hunger while reducing food waste.

Our donation of Piadina is a small gesture towards a much larger movement of feeding those in need and reducing food waste. We encourage everyone to contribute in any way they can, helping to make a significant difference in our community.


 To learn more about Table to Table, visit


"Together, we can overcome food insecurity, one meal at a time."

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