Piadina: The New Trend of Summer

If you ask Italians what is the quintessential food of the summer, the answer is pretty unanimous. Everyone agrees and says, “La Piadina”, which has now become one of the symbols of the Italian vacations along the Riviera Romagnola. Some Italians even think that it's not a real vacation if you don't make a stop in Romagna and when they think of summer their minds fly to the image and taste of the well-known Piadina.  Giovanni Pascoli named the Piadina "The Bread of Romagnoli," but it became "The Bread of Italians" during the summer.

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Piadina Romagnola knows no crisis, and it never goes out of style. In fact, it becomes more and more so, so much so that in many cities the so called "Piadinerie" have sprung up.

Meanwhile, plenty of kiosks are scattering everywhere on the waterfront, at any strategic street corner, along the state highway that runs parallel to the beach, at the entrances of children's parks, and a stone's throw from all the temples of entertainment.

Romagna is all about piadina; everywhere you look, you will find it.

It may also be because it represents the true Italian spirit, made of simple things, such as the ingredients of piadina, which give unique emotions.

The Piadina can go well anytime, from lunch to dinner, from breakfast to snack. There is no ideal time to eat it. Without mentioning how many recipes can be created combining sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other ingredients and having piadina as a base.

Moreover, it has become a food that brings people together, making it the perfect food for experiencing moments of conviviality to discover again the taste of eating together.

Italian Piadina Bread, Italian Piadina Flatbread, Olive Garden Piadina, Piadina Jamie Oliver, Piadina Wrap

Its "practicality" of consumption, also favored by the explosion of food trucks, its low price, the versatility of combinations and the blast of enhancement initiatives are a poker of "flavors" that make it a unique product in Italy and particularly appreciated by foreign tourists.

So, this is why countless places are offering La Piadina on their menu: restaurants, bars, cafeterias, sandwich shops, trendy places or simple kiosks, places where tradition is strongly followed, but also others who want to add a touch of creativity to their offer.

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